Our mother company has been establishde since 1929 as

Porcelain tableware trader and manufacturer in Japan.

As the production was relocated form Japan to China for the expansion of production capacity and the growht of business. we West East international Limited was founded at 2004 in Hong Kong. Our products habe not only been sold in depertment stores and speciaitu stores nationwide in Lapanese/Asina style has become a huge fashion trend nowadays.Our products and in-house design brand Momo international are well recognized by customers wordwide.

Please come visit our showroom in Hong Kong to find out.more of impressed and surprising designs.  


自1929年以來,我们的母公司以瓷器餐具制造商及貿易商在日本成立至今。後來由於配合生產力擴張和業務的增長而把生產線從日本遷往中國,歐亞創新有限公司便於2004年正式在香港成立。日本 / 亞洲風格時下已經成為一個巨大的時尚潮流,我們的產品不僅遍佈在日本全國售賣,也暢銷到歐洲,澳洲,北美和南美的百貨商場及專賣店。我們的產品和內部設計品牌"Momo International"也廣受世界各地的客戶所公認。歡迎前來參觀我們在香港的展廳,你會找到更多令人感動和驚訝的設計產品。



Planning concept

Dining is no longer just to fulfill our hunger nor just a basic need nwadavs.We do not only look for a better food taste.but also a niceand comfortable well as an attractive food presnetation.Well designed tableware can absoluteiy bring the tasty meal up to a higher level of enjoyment.It also can provide people a taste of live style. Hong Kong is the place where you canfind the Western and Eastern cultures being well blended and has become an unique style which you can't find anywhere else in the world.Our desinge consept is just following this path on bring customers a modernized Jpanese/Asian style's tableware for their alternative choice beside the mainstream products ecxiting on market.With nearly 80 years experience on producing fine orocelain tableweare.we undrstand well on what each market and client needs.Our in-house Japanese designrer team dose not only launch new design products for every season.but also can develop products exclusively for your company at your own brand name. 



現今社會用餐已不再僅僅限於滿足我們的飢餓,也不只是一個基本的生活需要。我們不單只會追求更好的味道,一個舒適的環境以及有吸引力的賣相亦非常重要!精心設計的餐具不僅絕對可以為一頓美食帶來更高層次的享受,它還可以為人們帶出一個有品味的生活風格。香港是一個匯合西方和東方文化的大都會,有着一種在世界其他地方找不到的獨特風格。而處身香港的我們,設計理念正是沿著這種獨特風格去為客戶在市場上的主流產品以外帶來一個令人興奮的現代日本 / 亞洲風格餐具的選擇。擁有近80年製造及銷售瓷器餐具的經驗,我們了解每個市場和客戶的需求。我們內部的日本設計師團隊不只每季推出新設計產品,而且還可以為您的公司用自己的品牌名稱去開發新產品。


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FAX:+(852)2815 6177 

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