DiNOMEN was founded in 2008 in Japan and has been developed by Japanese experts focused on Asian men's skin characteristics as a new generation of men's anti-aging skin care products. Men's skin is damaged everyday by the polluted air, strong ultraviolet light and various stresses from everyday live and work. Appearance of lines, wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness around the eyes, stains and dull gradually emerged with aging skin. DiNOMEN's revolutionary formula containing several kinds of element recognized as today's top and most powerful ingredients including CellActive-MEN formula and the Nobel Prize winning Fullerene! By carrying out the skin care from the late 20s is said to be the turning point of the skin on keeping a youthful look for self-confidence. Skin care will be even more important for mature men's gradual aging skin. It is oftenly said that the impression of the appearance will be five years younger on men having skin care. Many men are starting to pick skincare up as an investment to their own future.

DiNOMEN是日本專家於2008年在日本專為亞洲男性的皮膚特點而開發的新一代男仕抗衰老護膚品系列。男仕的皮膚每天都受到污染的空氣、強烈紫外線、日常的生活和工作的各種壓力所損害。細紋、皺紋、黑眼圈、浮腫、暗啞及色斑等都會令皮膚外觀老化。 DiNOMEN的革命性配方包括作為當今最頂尖和最強的細胞激活配方CELLACTIVE MEN和榮獲諾貝爾獎的成份富勒烯!25歲是男仕生理及皮膚的轉捩點。要保持年輕自信的外表,護膚會是成熟男仕不可或缺的重要一環。經常有人認為有保養皮膚的男仕看起來會比實際年齡年輕5歲。許多男仕更以開始護膚作為對自己未來的投資。


“DiNO” of DiNOMEN 

has daring acting power and  

the rich imaginationthat DiNOMEN idealizes

and expresses the man with the sence of nifty by fashion


Gain All - 求めるものを手に入れる -

It becomes pleasant to repeat ages. 

Both the heart and the body are healthy,and DiNOMEN supports  

all men who pray when it wants to continue being the man who

“is cool by fashion” youthfully forever.


DiNOMEN always

lives in every day with confidence by freedom happily. 

Imagination : 

Product development to always stimulate curiosity of the man 

Quality : 

The functionality idea made of a male body and the  

quality which can be used surely. 

Active aging :  

Pleasure to active aging  



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